Chill it here!


This post is for personal, friendly talk and all people are welcome. However, if you start to say derogatory this about someone or something I’ll delete your comments and ban you from commenting here!

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16 Responses to Chill it here!

  1. I’m chill…….. GO PIRATES!! :)

  2. I’ve got 8 blog posts that I need to write but you know what? I refuse to stress out about it because it’s all going to be okay. :) And GO PIRATES! (I assume that’s a sports team.)

    • as in Pittsburgh Pirates. They are having a great year!

    • I used to blog for BBBlogger on his Survivor blog. One show a week makes it tough for keep commenters busy.

      • I would think Survivor would be fun to write about though. Even though it’s just one show a week, at least you know something big will happen each week. :) The biggest challenge that I’ve faced while writing about Big Brother this season was trying to figure out a new way to keep saying, “The houseguests didn’t do much today…” :)

        • Lisa… even in an off year of BB, I never ran out of things to say about what was happening…. until it ended Saturday with part 2 of HOH… now it’s justa matter of who will win part 3… nothing more to say at this point really.

          Sal.. Obviously I’m not a big Pirates fan.. but I am rooting for them… and I had a Pirates jersey in 1979 :)

        • The live feeds are the key to BB. You can go back and get info on what they did. That’s the info most people aren’t privy to!

  3. starfish says:

    There’s no Pirates in Football! What??? Poor Steelers almost did it but didn’t.

  4. So, as far as the 8 blog posts that I needed to write are concerned, I have so far gotten absolutely nothing accomplished. Lol.

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