Look Into My Eyes

Rabbit Eyes-1

A nice peaceful place to comment until the next post on BB Blog!

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33 Responses to Look Into My Eyes

  1. Welcome to my world

  2. dubsdoll says:

    So cool

  3. starfish says:

    Hey Sal. Justadroppingin.

  4. franniep2 says:

    This is good and all, but Sal, is there a way to darken the date and times?

  5. Moderation??? Don’t ya trust me yet? LOL

  6. Check it now Frannie Lou

  7. franniep2 says:

    Now I noticed that the time is off. I don’t mean to be a PITA, but how are we supposed to know who commented when?

    This is two strikes on me…..does the next one get me booted out?

    Oh, and where is the edit button? ;)

  8. franniep2 says:

    JT, I knew you would be right behind me. I just had to lead the way! :lol:

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